Bring New Friends to Gospel Sundays

On 28 February this year, the fourth Sunday of the month, the church will have our first gospel Sunday. While the speaker tries to make every Sunday’s sermon relevant for everyone (and every Sunday message is relevant to even unbelievers), the messages on a usual Sunday speaks more to Christians than to those who still do not know Jesus as Saviour.

The monthly gospel Sunday will address issues to help non-Christians understand why they need to accept Jesus as Saviour. On gospel Sundays the church choir will also present a hymn or song. Some of you in the choir may have heard their rehearsal. Although it is only a five-persons small group choir, the song was beautifully sung. This will help new friends receive the gospel message.

Our Lord Jesus left his glory in heaven, came to our world to tell us the way to God and heaven. Above all, he suffered and died on the cruel cross to save humankind. Surely, we must feel how anxious the Lord is for lost souls who will perish in hell. He is burdened for humankind whom he loves so much. Hence, we must do our best to satisfy our Saviour’s desire and burden.

Please pray for and build relationships with your loved ones who still are outside God’s kingdom. You need to become their friends before you can invite them to church. They need Jesus. People without Jesus will never be happy. How can they be when they know that one day they will die without knowing where they would be going? How can they be happy when life if filled with so many events that make us unhappy and worried? In fact, even without sufferings in life (and there is no such thing), life is meaningless. Hence, no matter how healthy or wealthy, or how happy they appear to be, they do not have real peace. If we love our family and friends, we must give them Jesus.

Only Jesus can save them from eternal destruction in hell. Invite them to the gospel Sunday. If they cannot come in February, invite them for either Maundy Thursday when we remember the Lord’s death or for Easter Sunday in March. Gospel messages will also be preached on these two days.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). Our Father in heaven loves people so much. As his children, we must feel his burden and satisfy his heart’s desire.