Preacher Lay Choo was faithfully serving God when she was still holding a job in cyprus_flagSingapore. As she served the Lord, the Lord also used her to lead numerous people to Christ. The Lord also later moved her to enroll in a bible college to equip herself to serve God full time. Today, she is pastoring a church in Cyprus, ministering and reaching out with the gospel to mainland Chinese who are working there. The Lord has been pleased to use her to lead numerous people to the Lord and to equip new believers. Please pray for her.

Snapshots of the missionary work in Cyprus:


Elder Xiao Ming, a Chinese national, came to Singapore in the 90s to work china flagand after having heard the gospel, he repented of his sins and received Jesus as Lord and Saviour. His life underwent a fundamental change. As he grew in his faith, he was moved by the Lord to serve Him full time in China. During his stay in Singapore, as he worked, he was also equipping himself spiritually and in knowledge to serve God in his homeland. We thank and praise God. Today, besides pastoring a church, he is also training leaders for full time ministry. Please pray for him as he and his family serve the Lord.