I am really glad that I was born in a Christian family. Since young, I have relatives who fear the Lord and have influenced my life to walk with God wholeheartedly as a young Christian. Hence, I would like to thank God for giving me family members who helped me in my spiritual walk with God.

In kindergarten teachers taught us the amazing things Jesus did. The teachers wanted us to realise that we were sinners and we should repent wholeheartedly. I still, however, did not understand what the teachers were talking about and I did not take it seriously when I was young. My mother used to take my siblings and me to a church, Pasir Panjang Christ Church. At that time, I did not like going to church because I did not know anyone there. I used to find going to church pointless. This was all because of a lack of faith in God.

When I was in Primary 2, I started to know a little more about God. Yet I still did not have the faith to believe that God exists. Two years later, my father did the Kid’s Bible Study with my younger brother and me. After a while, I slowly grew in faith in the Lord. At that time, however, I still did not know about what a Quiet Time was. I was trying hard to have strong faith in God. In 2012, I went to TOLCC because my cousins were all there. Finally, I really liked going to Church because they were there.

In 2014, I started serving the Lord by in ushering. Eventually, going to church became a habit for me. After going to Tree of Life Christian Church for several years, I did not have any more complaints because this was where I really started growing a lot as a young Christian. I also attended all the Sunday school classes, listened to sermons during worship service and the Young People Fellowship. From there I learnt a lot about God and Jesus, and I started to acknowledge that I was a sinner and Jesus was the Saviour who could save us from going to hell. Doing Quiet Time and praying to God were not things that I felt as being forced to do. Rather, I did them because I wanted to spend some time communicating with God by reading the Bible and praying to Him. Soon, I had the interest of going to church because the sermons that were preached were really interesting.

The faith I had in God grew because God did not give up on me. He repeatedly tried to change my heart to turn me away from my sinful nature and to follow him by His grace. Therefore, I am really grateful to God for strengthening my faith in Him and for giving me greater faith in Bible promises that He will guide me all the way throughout my life. I also want to thank God that He gave me the opportunity to serve Him in this church. This shaped my Christian life for the better.