My father was a doctor and my mother a midwife. both were Christians. My maternal grandfather was also a pastor. Thus, I grew up in a Christian family and believe in the existence of God and heaven. Deep down inside me, I knew that only by believing in Jesus could our sins be forgiven, and that God would protect our family and give us peace and happiness. From the time I was a child my parents taught me to be forgiving, patient and resilient. As far as I could remember, my parents never fought. They were always gentle to their patients and were popular among their peers. Our family went through major changes during the cultural revolution. My maternal grandfather became sick due to the constant harassment and passed away.

My parents were persecuted as intellectuals which knocked out all my mother’s teeth. My father survived due to the power of the Bible and God’s grace. After the cultural revolution I graduated from the university and became a secondary school teacher. Life gradually became better. In China there is no freedom in worshipping God. My parents had to read the Bible and memorise the Lord’s Prayer in secrecy. My wife was brought to Christ by my mother, and she started organising fellowship meetings at home with five other sisters-in-Christ. Pastor Xing from another province even came to baptise them. Although the church in China was established in 1998, it is the Three-Self Patriotic Church, which was under the strict governance of the central government. This was also the main reason why we were hesitant in being baptised then.

Since coming to Singapore, I understood a lot of truths under the guidance of Pastor Andrew Tan. I truly believe that only Jesus can save me. Spiritual growth and salvation come from total dependence on God. Therefore, I decide to be baptised in Singapore at Tree of Life Christian Church, and to be part of the Church, as well as be a child of God. Amen!