The Past Me

My parents doted on me since young. I was arrogant and had a temper that, once unleashed, could not be controlled. My mouth uttered vulgarity; I was willful and quarrelsome. I was guilty of all these! My brother could not control me, and my sister kept a distance from me and moved out to live by herself. At that time, our livelihood depended on my parents’ leaving for work early and my mother’s bee hoon stall which opened in the night. Although I was a mischievous child, I helped my parents take care of the home. I attended school, cooked, set up the night stall, and took care of my two brothers. When I was older, my superstitious mother said my I would have a difficult life and needed to work overseas in order to feed myself.  Thus in 1998, my mother encouraged me to go to Singapore to look for a job. Thus, I left for Singapore alone.

The Present Me that is Changing

My first job was a woman factory worker. I was not optimistic about my future. As a believer in the goddess of mercy, upon seeing a temple, I would pray and offer up incense. My job was not smooth sailing. Two year later, a colleague who was a devout Christian, sister Qiu Feng, brought me for the first time to Calvary Jurong BP Church. (Sister Qiu Feng told me that she had been praying for me for a long time before she mustered up the courage to invite me to church. I am thankful for her faith that led me to know Christ!) In the midst of an unceasing stream of love, in September 1988 after the church’s gospel rally, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. Very happily I called mother to tell her of my decision. Mother sternly told me that I could believe in Jesus but never to be baptised. With the Lord’s grace, I found a better job. I stayed alone in the hostel of Calvary Pandan BP Church. For convenience, Sister Qiu Feng led me to nearby Calvary Pandan BP Church. The faithful sisters-in Christ who loved the Lord knew that I was alone and they cared for me. They would remind me on Friday night to attend fellowship on Saturday, and then again remind me on Saturday night to attend worship service on Sunday. In the past, each time when I passed by churches and see gentle and courteous Christians dressed smartly with a smile on their faces, I would greatly envy them. Finally, now I could experience the sincere care and love of brothers and sisters-in-Christ, and the peace and joy a Christian would experience. In 1990 when, as was my usual practice, I called to tell my mother of my progress in my job and the joy I experienced, mother told me in a serious tone that in the past three years, she had observed my change and my growth after I believed in Christ. In the past, Choy Lin’s stubborn and hard heart has been changed by the Lord Jesus into one that is as soft as toufu. Mother was very grateful to the Lord Jesus for saving her daughter. She thus instructed me to be baptised in Calvary Pandan BP Church to become a real Christian.

The Present Me

In 2015, I am grateful for Chu Ling who brought me to Tree Of Life Christian Church. Pastor Andrew, Elder Kerh Li, Elder Chin Tian, Deacon Xing Guo and Deacon Lawrence loved the Lord very much and cared deeply for church members. I happily worshiped with brothers and sisters and enjoyed the joy of fellowship. I joyfully served with the sisters responsible for refreshment. This allows church members from English and Chinese congregations to fellowship while enjoying delicious food. Thank God Choy Lin’s signature curry chicken, sandwiches, sushi and braised eggs were warmly received with love. Thank God for the encouragement of brothers and sisters. I sincerely thank God for giving me this opportunity and strength to serve Him, and enabling me to do my best to serve the church and her members.

My life is filled with numerous tests and scares. From job hunting to being oppressed by supervisors, changing jobs, attending upgrading courses, and then being acknowledged and protected by my supervisor. In every part of this turbulent life journey, I see the Lord’s protection and care. My diagnosis of third stage colorectal cancer was discovered in the nick of time because the Lord loves me. I could face this sickness and undergo treatment with a positive attitude because I have great faith in the Lord. I entrust myself completely to the Lord. Recently, the Lord allowed me to successfully receive a pay-out from an insurance policy for 40 types of illnesses. I have faith that the Lord’s grace is sufficient. Because of life in Christ, I do not need to worry about food or clothes and in sickness. Praise the Lord!

I would like to share with everyone a verse and a hymn. They have encouraged and supported me in every moment of my life so that I could walk on courageously. I hope they will give strength to everyone too.

 “I can do all these through him who gives me strength.” – Philippians 4:13

Hymn [Day by Day]
Day by day dear my LORD I ask of you three things,
To see you more clearly,
To love you more dearly,
To follow you more nearly,
Day by day.