I was born into a Christian family and thus, cannot remember when I first received Christ. I vaguely remember asking my Sunday School teacher when I was about 9 to say the sinner’s prayer with me. However, since that was so long ago, I asked pastor to say the Sinner’s prayer with me again this year, during June, to reaffirm my faith. I also acknowledge that I was a sinner saved by Christ when we prayed the sinner’s prayer together. I would sooner or later get baptised, it was just a matter of time.

However, after going through the series of classes on Calvinism and Arminianism, where pastor mentioned that God chooses who he wants to save and it is not a choice we can make, I started doubting whether I was one of the chosen ones and whether I should even get baptised. What if I wasn’t one of the chosen ones and me getting baptised is just something I wanted and not what was “destined to be”? Hence, I decided to ask my dad about this to confirm any doubts I had before fully committing to baptism. I also prayed and asked God for guidance through this dilemma and if I was really chosen to be saved by him, let me be able to go through baptism. Looks like after all the praying,  I am finally getting baptised! (I realised afterwards that my choice to receive Jesus was also God’s choice to save me, as shown in John 6:38).

After I received Christ, I started looking more to Him for help and advice in various aspects of my life, such as my studies. Before each paper, I’ll pray a short prayer to ask God for strength to guide me through each paper. After that short prayer, I’ll be calmer and be able to think through my paper properly before answering any questions. Also, since the start of last year, I started reading the bible daily. Although I will sometimes have my slipups where I’m too tired to read the bible, I’ll still make up for it the next day. Other than that, I have learnt to trust God more and I now look to him for answers when I encounter difficult situations, which I do not know how to solve. Also, I have become braver and have started asking my friends to come to various church events such as the YPF camp and the gospel rally night. Even though there is not much change from my life before I received Christ and after I received Christ, I feel my faith growing stronger each day. I may not be the perfect Christian, but I feel myself growing in Him and becoming a stronger Christian each day!