I was born into a Roman Catholic family.  My father wasn’t a staunch Roman Catholic.  So we didn’t really get to attend church when we were young.  Somehow, however, I grew up knowing Jesus Christ exists and He died on the cross for us.  Then one day, my relief teacher in my primary school invited me to her church.  From then on, I learnt more about my God from the youth fellowship and Sunday school that I attended regularly.  I was baptized nearly 17 years ago.  I knew I was a sinner and Jesus is my one and only Savior.  It is only though Him that I have the key to heaven.

Then there came a period on my life when I was busy with work and family.  I stopped attending church.  I was simply selfish at that time by not being willingly to give my time to God.  I was blinded with worldly matters.  I would only call out to Him when I needed Him to solve my troubles and problems.

Like all parents, however, He loves me and never forsakes me.  (“Never will I leave you.  Never will I forsake you” – Heb 13:5).  He was there to help me, to lift me up when I fell.  I was still His beloved and precious child.

After the birth of Eshton, I became mother of three.  I realized as a Christian, it’s my responsibility and duty as a mother to bring them to church faithfully.  Salvation and eternal life is the biggest gift or I should say inheritance that I can give to my children.  As I was about to make this commitment, I became pregnant with Faith.  I wasn’t ready for another child as I was also preparing to return to the work force.  I was then struck with pre-natal blues—I became grumpy and withdrawn.  I wasn’t interested to talk about or share my expecting news with anyone at all.  Throughout my 38 weeks of pregnancy, Jesus was my only soul mate.  I talked to Him through prayers.  This gave me a sense of peace.

I am very thankful to all in TOLCC who had prayed for me and my family.  The church lent us a helping hand when we needed help despite not being members of TOLCC.  From house moving, temporary shelter to stay before we got our new flat, Eva’s accident in Taiwan, Randolph’s maternal late grandma and paternal late uncle’s visitations/funeral, we are indeed very blessed to have Pastor Andrew, Sister Guan Yu, Uncle Jiu Bak, Auntie Li Hua and TOLCC brothers’ and sisters’ assistance and prayers.

I still have a lot to learn and I humbly hope my brothers and sisters of Tree of Life Christian Church family will assist me in my spiritual growth.  Being a Christian doesn’t promise a trouble and sadness free life; we will still have downs in life.  But there is one thing about which I’m very sure—whatever happens, I will not go through it alone.  With Jesus in my heart and by my side, He will be guiding and be with me till the day I meet Him in Heaven.

I have received my most precious and perfect gift which is Jesus Christ.  How about you? Give it a thought, open your heart and accept Him today: “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).