I was born into a Christian family. My first contact with Christianity was when I started going to a Christian kindergarten – Little Blessings Kindergarten in Pasir Panjang Christ Church. Up until Primary 6, my mother, brothers and I attended Church at PPCC. It was only when I was in Primary 3 that a teacher in Church approached me and asked me if I was sure about my faith, if I had truly accepted Christ as my savior. I replied firmly that I had. However, one major issue that we faced was that we did not regularly attend Church.

Having accepted Christ at a young age, I cannot remember much about my life before becoming a Christian. However, when I became Primary 6, I started to attend TOLCC. I got to know the Lord better due to the fact that I had cousins in the Church who were already strong believers and many aunties and uncles who constantly encouraged me and told me more about God.

Not long ago, I began notice that my life was changing. In the past, whenever I made a mistake I would immediately turn to lying myself out of the situation, and sometimes this even brought harm to others. However, after a while, I made up my mind not to tell lies anymore, even if doing so might get me into serious trouble. Somehow, it has become a habit and strangely, I now feel very uncomfortable whenever I think about telling a lie. By getting rid of this bad habit, I have since become happier. Moreover, God has really changed my way of thinking. For example, before I became a Christian, I used to think that I had to study hard so as not to let my parents down. However, my perspective of studying changed when I accepted Christ. I decided to study hard not only to do my parents proud, but also to bring glory to God.

I also realized the importance of communicating with God. A simple prayer is powerful, and can do wonders. When I first started to attend school at RGS, I felt so out of place because everyone there was extremely intelligent and talented. Many of the girls also came from wealthy backgrounds and thus carried themselves with confidence and pride. The many differences between my classmates and I made me unable to comfortably adapt to my new school. The workload and competition in RGS also frequently caused me to experience high levels of stress. For the first few months of starting secondary school, I would cry every night. But then I prayed for God to help me, and God answered my prayer. Soon after, I built up a strong friendship with several girls in my class and I felt more at ease as I went to school each day.

After I accepted Christ, I could truly see amazing changes in my life and experience great peace. I thank God for what He has done in my life and the many blessings that He has given me. I have grown a lot in Him, and will continue to grow spiritually each day. I am honored to have such a special friend in Christ.