I grew up in a non-Christian family. My family members engaged in ancestor worship. This was the very reason that my marriage to my husband was faced with serious objections because he comes from a Christian family. Eventually, however, we got married. I had gotten myself married into a “God believing” family. After marriage I too became a Christian under the influence of my parent-in-laws. I knew that I could only be saved by God. I have a sense of security with God in my heart. There was no church in our small town. So, I started a family fellowship with five other sisters-in-Christ. I thank Pastor Xing from the province in giving us immense support. In June 1998 some of us were baptised. This made us servants of God. Thank God! In 2005 our fellowship had increased to 50 members. With offerings from our brothers and sisters-in-Christ, as well as a sister from Hong Kong, we managed to acquire a 60 square metre plot of land.

With it we built a two-storey building to serve as our church premises. We named it “Peng Lai Christian Church.” Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

Thank God for preserving our family. All is well. In 2006 Hainan encountered one of the worst typhoons. When a category 12 typhoon was set to come to shore that night my husband was still driving outside. The typhoon had caused serious damages with fierce storms and strong winds. Trees were uprooted which caused traffic to come to a halt. Houses around the town were lifted. Even the electricity supply was cut off. I had no way to contact my husband. I could only kneel to pray and asked God to protect him while the typhoon was creating havoc. The next day, when I went out to inspect the damages, I found the town being ripped apart with debris everywhere. Nothing, however, happened to our house, and my husband returned home safely! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! When my husband recounted last night’s encounter, I was totally shocked. He was driving back home when the typhoon landed. Trees around him were falling down like dominos. Just when he thought that he was stuck and would be crashed any minute by another fallen tree, a brightly lit path appeared at his right. He instantly drove into it and stopped at where the light ended. He was shrouded in darkness from the surrounding and did not know where he was. He could only stay in the car and wait. When he woke up in the car the next morning, he was shocked to find that his car was in the only flat ground within that area. He felt something in his heart and knew that God was protecting him from all these dangers. From that day onwards, he truly believed in God. But for some reason he was still hesitant about being baptised.

Now, however, he is willing to be baptized. My daughter and I feel very happy. How could he not treasure the love that God gave to him? I hope that he would continue to grow in the Lord. Amen!