Being born into a Christian family meant that I was exposed to habits, characteristics, and actions of a Christian. My role models were my father and mother. Although I might not remember much about my early life as a Christian, I do remember saying the sinner’s prayer when I was seven years old at the place of one of my father’s friend. My early years as a Christian did not really mean much to me. There were certain behaviours (through regular exposure over the years to my siblings and parents) which I thought everyone should possess. It was not until when I was in secondary school and junior college that I realised that these behaviours I thought were normal were something most people did not possess. These included a peace of mind in times of trouble, being polite to and loving other people despite that they are different from me.

That said, however, I was not a perfect Christian. There were many areas in my life that were lacking and needed improvement. It was only through attending church that I managed to correct some of my behaviours and actions that did not represent a Christian well. Through many classes, sermons and testimonies, I picked up valuable life lessons from the many seniors before me. Each one of them impacted my life in different but meaningful ways. A glaring bad trait I had was bad temper. At one point in time it got so bad that I would throw tantrums even when I was slightly agitated. Because of this, my friends started telling me that I really did not behave like a Christian. Through constant teachings from the church and, of course, my parents’ upbringing, I could change my ways. I began to have more peace in my heart and not get easily agitated over the smallest of things. The change in my life then was observed by others. My behaviour has changed without me realising it. People around me began to tell me how much better my behaviour had been, and that I now reflected in a greater measure the conduct of Christian.

While behavioural changes were most noticeable, I personally felt that, first, my heart had to be in the right place before any major changes in me could be possible. Having your heart set right on God, acknowledging that He is in full control of your life, and knowing that He could grant us peace in troubled times is the first step in turning your life around. Just focusing on behavioural changes will not develop us much as Christians. Rather, setting your heart right and entrusting your life to God would help us lead the Christian life in a better, although not perfect, way. It might be scary at first to entrust your entire life to a Being whom you have never seen. Yet, exercising faith to believe that God is in control and placing your faith in the Christian community will surely set you on the right path to be a good Christian.