My family used to be farmers. As in the local tradition, ancestral and idol worship are a norm in those days for my parents. After my marriage, I too followed in my parent’s footsteps in ancestral and idol worship at home. Life after marriage is plain and simple, as any couple should be. Whenever I encountered trouble, I would head to the temple to pray. In so doing, these troubles seemed to fade away. My heart, too, seemed to be put at ease.

When my father passed away, my mother started to feel helpless and lonely. Life for her seemed to have lost its colour and meaning. At that point of time, a friend started to bring her to church. Since attending church, my mother became more cheerful and at peace. Her worries and feeling of helpless seemed to have disappeared. Not long after, my mother was baptised. I too followed her to church at times. I saw how the church members showered her with selfless love, visited her at home, brought her on outings. It made me wonder how nice it would be to believe in Christ. Eight years ago when my mother was 92 years old, just one week before she passed away, she told me that she saw heaven. It is a beautiful place and she will be living there. One of the sisters in Christ came to visit her one week later and told my mother: “when death approaches, do not be afraid. We will meet again in heaven.” Not long after that, my mother left for her heavenly home with a smile and in peace while talking to me.

I had personally witnessed the transformation of my mother. The joy she had was both real and great. Her hope for heaven also touched me. I wanted to believe in Christ too. I want to get baptised! Due, however, to my husband’s objections, I had to put off the idea for a while. 2 years ago, my husband collapsed at home due to a blocked vessel. I frantically prayed to God to save him, and God listened to my prayers: he was out of danger and was discharged home soon after. Other than a weaker body, there were no major issues. As his main caregiver, I am physically tired everyday.  I prayed to God for strength, peace and happiness to go through each day.

This year, when I brought up the matter of me becoming a Christian and getting baptised, not only did he agree to it, he too wanted to believe in Christ and wanted to get baptised with me! Thank God! Although I am a sinner, God forgave my sins, made me His child, allowed me to rely on Him, and gave me peace and joy and the hope of heaven. God has given salvation to me and my husband and allowed us to experience His love. How happy it is to believe in Christ!