My family started worshipping in Calvary Jurong BP Church in 1980 when my uncle, an Elder in Sharon BP Church, brought us there. I was then in primary 4 and knew nothing about Christianity. The following year I accepted Christ and was infant baptised. That night when I prayed the sinner’s prayer, I suddenly felt a load of burden come off my shoulder and felt peace in my heart. Since then I have never looked back. My faith in God began to grow as I read the Bible daily and learned more about God.

I could also see the transformation in my life. Before I received Jesus as my Saviour, I was living a life of sin where fighting daily and stealing were a norm to me.

In 1984 I was elected by the session as president of Junior Fellowship. I rejected the offer at first because I felt that I was spiritually inadequate to lead. Through my father’s encouragement I accepted the offer. That year was the most challenging year for me as I had to learn to pray in public. Each week I had to go on stage to do an opening prayer in front of adults and children before starting the fellowship meeting proper. I was also asked to be the camp leader for the annual Junior Fellowship camp. Our Junior Fellowship advisor left the planning to us as a form of training. It was through this challenging training that I realised how hard it was to be a leader. You had to be an example for the rest to follow.

I was promoted to the Youth Fellowship the following year. That was the most challenging time for me. Besides serving as a YF committee member, I also served during Sunday worship service as an usher and AV crew, and sang in the church choir. My Sunday was normally spent in church until 3pm. As the years went by I had to give up some areas of service due to more personal commitments. But I persisted in serving God in the Youth Fellowship and in ushering. Ten years ago, my children started worshipping in TOLCC while I chose to remain in Calvary Jurong BP Church. I was still active in the Young Adult Fellowship and also as a teacher for the Young Teens on Sundays.

Two years ago I decided it was time to relinquish my duties in Calvary Jurong BP Church and I started to worship God together with my children as a family in TOLCC. As a Christian for the past 30 years I have never looked back. Yes, God never promised us that the Christian life was a bed of roses. There are always trials and temptations along the way that makes us want to give up following Christ. But God promised to give us strength to overcome each trial and temptation. It is through these trials and temptations that strengthen our faith towards God. As head of the family and having seen my children serve God faithfully in TOLCC, I will abide by the words from Joshua 24:15b: “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”