I was born into a Buddhist family. My family prayed to the gods of Buddhism. We had an altar at home that is for worshipping the god. At that time, I had no idea what and who they were. But I just followed my family members in praying to their god without knowing the purpose behind it. It slowly became a habit and I also prayed to them for good results and good health. I had hoped that they would help me. In the year 2012 my parents brought me to a church camp. This was where I first knew Christ. Before attending the camp I had no idea what was going on. I thought that it was just an ordinary camp. After the church camp, my parents brought me to church every Sunday. At first, I did not like the commitment of going to church as I needed to wake up early every Sunday to go to church. I preferred to stay at home to sleep. Sometimes, I even gave excuses to avoid going to church. Initially, I was not a sociable person as I did not like talking to the church members even when they approached me.

One day, my grandmother was hospitalised due to an illness. At that point in time I was so worried for her as she was no longer young. I decided to turn to God and seek help from Him. I prayed for her repeatedly that God would heal her, and I am thankful that God healed her. From that time onwards I believe that God exists. I acknowledge that I am a sinner and Jesus is my one and only Saviour. I opened up to get to know Him better. I started attending worship service and fellowship more often. I also serve Christ by doing ushering and AV as I felt that this was what I could do for God.

It has been six years since I first knew Christ. I managed to make friends with everyone in the church. The church members are always there to help me, pray for me, and encourage me when I am in need. I am thankful for that. There is one brother in church whom I want to thank as he is always there to help me with my studies as well as my spiritual life. Looking back at my old self, I am glad that I have changed into a better person. Thanks be to Christ. It was the Lord who brought me blessings and love into my life. I thank God that I can be the light and salt of this world for Him.