My parents are great parents. They have taken care of my sisters and me really well and always put effort in protecting our interests. I tend to, however, see things differently from them. I was withdrawn and introverted in my family. Ever since I was young, I had always loved being alone in my own ideal world. They had trouble reaching out to me as I tended to withdraw to myself a lot. I felt that they could not understand me, and neither could I understand them. As a result, I also did and said many things that hurt my parents.

I learnt and tried to do many things on my own. However, everything often seemed so stressful to me. I used to have panic attacks and pent-up emotions because I was not the best at talking to people about them. I kept many things to myself. One good thing, however,

was that I grew up believing that someone was up there for me. Even though I did not know who exactly He was, I had often prayed randomly whenever I needed help. Surprisingly, my prayers were mostly always answered. Being a rather feelings-oriented person, I trusted that that someone was looking out for me. This seemed very irrational because it was all based on how I felt. But I just believed it.

My friend brought me to church after A levels. Honestly, I was very attracted to God’s perfection. I simply loved God’s compassionate, kind and loving world. What made me say the sinners’ prayer was how I finally felt that, wow, I can live in such a world too. I can live in a world that is so right and perfect. I invited Christ into my life because I acknowledge Him as my one and only Saviour who created and loved me for who I am. I felt a sense of belonging with Him. He gives me peace and comfort in times of difficulties. My panic attacks also became less frequent. Ever since, I no longer experience them anymore.

Most importantly, God taught me how to honour my parents and to see things from their perspective. He taught me that my parents love me very much too and I should work hard to build my relationship with them. Even though things take time to change, my relationship with my parents have improved a lot in these past three years since I came to know Christ. God really repairs relationships and I hope that my family too can see how good God is. It is really a blessing that God is in my life!