My mother had poor health since I was born.  Thus, I was raised by my grandparents until I started schooling. That was the time I went back to my parents.

My childhood memories are not happy ones because I was constantly forced to live a life dictated by my parents. I constantly felt frustrated and inferior.

Since my secondary school days, I would always have an urge in me to want to cry out to someone who had the wisdom to understand me and guide me through this arduous journey.

Through my adult life and family, I had always depended on myself to solve all problems that came along the way. But after I became a mother, I found out that not all problems could be solved by me alone.

Therefore, I spent money to learn from professionals about marriage, family and self-discipline. But it was money not well spent because these problems never went away.

In the year 2016, I chanced upon an uncle at a food court below my housing block. After a conversation with him, I went to church out of curiosity. I was mesmerised by the performance during service, and touched by the sermon, which seemed to strike a chord in my heart.

My friend and I went to a few more churches with much suspicion. During this time of searching, these churches gave me a warm feeling, urging me to attend. But there was no daily Bible reading nor was there any desire to attend Sunday School class. Thus, there was no change in my life thus far.

This went on until 2017 when my family and my work hit rock bottom due to my hard-headedness. I had tried to solve all these by myself, as usual. But it did not work this time. What could I do? Could God help me?

In August, my colleague, Yong Li, brought me to the church gospel rally held at TOLCC. This small family-like church, with its unique Sunday School class made me want to stay on. Together with the care of Pastor and Pastor’s wife and that of brothers and sisters-in-Christ, especially Sister Chen Ming, I realised the gravity of my sins. During this period of more than a year, I compelled myself to practise what the Bible teaches even when I found no reason to do so. Where I failed or refused to obey, I prayed, asking God for guidance. In the course of doing so I truly and personally experienced the miraculous work of God and that nothing is impossible with Him. Gradually, my heart became lighter. My family and work situations also improved . . ..

Of course, this is only the beginning. My life needs to be further moulded. I truly understand that God’s path is the only way to follow in order to solve all life’s problems, and still live on happily! I firmly believe that God has His plans in everything that happens. All I need to do is to commit it to him in prayer.

Lastly, I want to say this: God, thank you for choosing me. My wait for you is finally over.