When I was in my primary school, a foreigner classmate gave me a cross.  What amazed me was that each time I held it, it helped to quieten the anxiety in my heart.  Since then, I truly like the cross and it seemed like this was my first gift from God.

When I grew up, my mother decided to let me further my studies in Singapore.  In my first year, my best friend was a Christian.  She suggested many times that I could attend church but I did not.  That year I encountered many difficulties – I misplaced a significant sum of money and my new computer was stolen.  Also, a day before my examinations, I was hospitalised for acute appendicitis and underwent a surgery.  When I was alone in the hospital, just before the operation, I was so overwhelmed that tears just rolled down. Since then, whenever I faced difficulties, I would pray and every time, someone would help me through.  But I have never thought of wanting to know the Lord Jesus.

After I returned home, my second aunt suddenly came to visit us from Canada.  We have not met for years and I wondered what brought her here.  As I got to know her, I got to know that my aunt is a Christian.  She brought my mum to several Christian gatherings.  Slowly my mother pondered on if a Saviour really existed.  Then, a miracle happened.  My principal from Singapore wrote a letter to ask if my mother would be interested to teach Chinese in Singapore.  I remembered that the principal praised and acknowledged my mother as an excellent teacher duirng my graduation.  But I never thought that the principal would actually invite her to teach.  This also meant that I could study in Singapore again.  Mum and I were really exhilarated.  The second time I stepped into Singapore, I felt akin to the country.  Mum also befriended another Christian who brought her twice to her church service.  My mum later persuaded me: “Qing qing, just try once.  If you dislike it, you need not go again.”  I agreed.

I thought I would always remember that Sunday.  I felt very light and easy on my way to the service.  But when I stepped into the church, I suddenly became very nervous.  From the moment I sat down, my fingers interlocked and I bowed my head low.  I began to palpitate!  I felt like a kid who did something wrong and was worried that my father might punish me.  In the entire two hours of the service, I was not myself and literally felt like a sinner.  But I did not understand why and what I have done wrong.  So I decided to get to know the Lord Jesus and to understand why I felt so strange. I attended worship every Sunday and also the catechism classes.  The more I understood, the more I was convinced that the Saviour exists and He is the Lord Jesus.  Slowly, I no longer felt nervous attending church and revered at the almighty cross, feeling its smiles at me.  That year, I was very happy and I found a bosom friend.

This year, as a Christian, I came to Singapore again and stayed with my mom’s friend, Aunt Su Qing.  She reads the bible every morning and she will pray with me at night.  Almost every day, she will share with me some testimonies.  I realized that I am still a far cry of a Christian compared to Aunt Su Qing.  I still sin a lot and did not try hard enough for the Lord.  I really wanted to change myself.  Every night, I will reflect upon myself and to search my heart if I had done anything to displease Him.  I was pleased when I saw my progress.

Recalling the twenty years of my life, I know for certain that the Lord is good.  I am very grateful that I am blessed and to have met very good people who helped me abundantly.  Thank God.  I want to continue to grow in Him, be a good testimony to those around me so that they may believe in our Lord Jesus Christ.