Are you looking for a place to find true friendship and deepen your relationship with Christ? The Adult Fellowship is a spiritual family comprising single adults and married couples from various background and occupation. It is a place where we cheer on one another on and uphold one another in prayer as we face life’s cross junctions and walk life’s path.

You may be searching for answer’s to God’s gift of salvation; you maybe someone who wants to be useful to God again; you could be a Christian seeking to move on to maturity or you could just be looking for a spiritual fellowship group to belong to. You’ll find a place that’s called home in Adult Fellowship!

Every time we meet, the meeting was filled with joyous singing and guitar accompaniment.  Our programmes include some interesting arts and crafts workshop, expert seminar on topics like health and nutrition etc.  After every meeting, we were once again charged-up to face life challenges ahead.

If you are between 21 to 55 years old. We look forward to welcoming you to our fellowship!